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Privacy statement



When an order is placed through our online stores, we collect certain data. On this page you will find more information about our privacy policy.


Contact details

EDC Retail B.V.

EDC Wholesale B.V. / ONE-DC B.V.

Phoenixweg 6

9641 KS Veendam


+ 31 (0)598 690 453

Privacy declaration

When orders are placed through our online shops, we gather certain details. This page will provide you with information about our privacy policy.


Personal information and data processing

To be able to offer you a good and personal service, EDC requires some details about you. When you place an order with us, the following information is gathered:


Personal information

 This is information you supply us with during the order process or registration process:


  • Name

  • Address

  • Postal code

  • Town

  • Country

  • E-mail address

  • Date of birth


This information is used to process your order and to get the parcel to you as soon as possible. Your e-mail address is necessary to send an order confirmation, so that you are always in possession of proof of your order. We also use your e-mail address to communicate with you about your order. Your e-mail address will not be used for marketing purposes.

Payment details

If you want to open an account and pay after you have received your order, your details will be checked and registered with Klarna in Amsterdam. Klarna deals with the completion of payments on account, owed to EDC. Based on information supplied, Klarna will decide if you are eligible for this payment method.


When registering payment details we only record the total amount and your payment method (MasterCard, VISA, Paypal, Direct E-Banking, Account or a transfer from Bank or Giro). Of course, bank details are not saved and every payment option is secure.


Traffic data

Traffic data could be things such as registering an IP address*, enabling cookies**, registering click stream data and analysing how you navigated our website.


The traffic data are used to analyse our visitors' browsing patterns. We look at how the navigation is used, which pages are visited and which products are ordered, and use this information to improve the visibility, functionality and content of our site.


* An IP address is an Internet Protocol address that refers to a unique destination on the Internet. In some cases, this could mean that it can be traced back directly to the visitor's computer. This information is essential to send the pages via Internet to the correct computer.


** A cookie is a collection of data, a registration file, that transfers a website to the hard disk of a computer and saves it there. A cookie does not identify the visitor, but it does identify the visitor's computer. Our website installs a cookie to link the products ordered by you to your computer (this way, your shopping basket is visible only to you).


Purpose and data processing

Below, we have indicated the purposes for which EDC collects your data. EDC is aiming to process your details for the following specified purposes:


EDC processes personal information for administrative purposes, such as:

processing your order.

delivery of your order to the address chosen by you.

EDC processes payment details for administrative purposes, such as:

payment of your order. Traffic data are used by EDC for communication purposes, such as:

improving the site's user-friendliness

Links on our website

The EDC website can contain links to third parties or links to other sites that are not under the control of EDC. EDC is not responsible in any way for the content or observation of privacy rules by the administrators of the sites involved. The addition of links to other sites does not imply approval of the content of such sites by EDC.


Secured pages

Our online payment options are secured using SSL, which means that your details are sent encrypted. Your (credit card) details cannot be viewed by a third party. You can check security by right-clicking your mouse and choosing 'Properties'. You will see a window showing your connection details. If you look at 'Connection', it will say that you have an SSL connection. Of course, your credit card details, such as the number and the expiry date, will not be saved.


Source of data

The information that EDC processes is obtained from visitors and customers and provided by the visitor himself through the order form.


Supplying information

EDC supplies your information to a limited circle of third parties that process data for administrative purposes:


Klarna AB.: in case of a customer's choice to pay by deposit-transfer card or direct debit; for following up and collection of unpaid invoices.

DocData N.V.: for direct payments (e.g. creditcard).

PayPal Inc.: for payments using PayPal (no personal information).

Besides these, EDC does not supply your information to anyone else, as far as we are bound to refrain from this according to laws and regulations. The details are solely used for the purposes described in this policy.


Rights of visitors and our clients

As a visitor or client of our website you have the right to contact our E-commerce department and request to know whether our organisation is processing your details. The E-commerce department will notify you in writing within 4 weeks of your request and inform you which details are being processed, for which purpose and where these details have been gathered, as well as who they have been supplied to and for which purposes this was done.


You also have the right, by sending a request to the E-commerce department, to improve, edit, remove or protect your personal information. You can request this to be done if your details are factually incorrect, incomplete for the purpose of processing or not relevant or being processed in conflict with local legislation.


If you do not wish to continue receiving our newsletter, you can notify us via e-mail, or you can opt out via the unsubscribe link in the newsletter.



The persons that deal under the authority of the person responsible, as well as the person responsible himself and those who have access to personal details are bound by non-disclosure of the personal details they are aware of, unless they are forced by legislation and/or regulations to divulge such information.



To prevent inspection of personal information by third parties, EDC has taken various security measures, including measures against unauthorised entry, unauthorised use, unauthorised changes, unlawful and unintentional damage and unintentional loss.



If you have any more questions about the protection of your privacy during visits to our website after reading our privacy policy, then please contact us, in writing or via telephone or e-mail.


EDC can make changes to this privacy policy if there are any developments in (for instance) technology, legislation, processing or supplying. Notification of any changes will be made via this page.

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