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#1 in sexual wellness

EDC is European market leader in erotic products. Our headquarters, located in Veendam (the Netherlands), carries various consumer-based online shops, including EasyToys and Beate Uhse, and an international B2B wholesale department.


We offer a wide range of 14,000 sexual wellness products with over 30 house brand collections.  

It's our pleasure

We are a rapidly growing team of over 220 colleagues. With our down-to-earth mentality, we are known to have an excellent work ethic. But humor, respect, and equality are also important elements in our daily work.

There is a great vibe when we work together as a team, which is becoming increasingly more diverse in knowledge and language.

Passion & action

Everyone at EDC gets the opportunity to find their own talent and strength. And that is important to us, because together we create EDC and together we make EDC great.


Every day we work passionately towards our goal of making a difference in the costumer journey for sexual wellness products by making them accessible, appealing, and easy to buy. 

Welcome to EDC

We are EDC

A sexual wellness company

Our goal is to have our pleasure products in every nightstand all over the world.

We bring sexual wellness into the homes of people all over the world, we enhance intimacy, and we break down the walls of taboos surrounding sexuality, erotica, and intimate self-love. We are more than a company that sells pleasure products. We are a leading company on a mission to take sexual wellness out of the shadows and into the light.


Our headquarters is based in Veendam, the north of the Netherlands, where people are known for their down-to-earth, friendly, and trustworthy nature. These values are the very foundation of our company and our motivated team, who are working together daily, developing and improving our service by giving their work and our customers the attention they need. And by doing so, we are constantly expanding our network to complete our mission. 

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