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Our platforms

We make sexual wellness accessible to everybody. We do so by working on a global accessibility for pleasure products through various channels. 



EasyToys is market leader in the Netherlands and Belgium and is on a mission to find the bedrooms in the rest of Europe as well.


Our mission at EasyToys is to make it even more fun between the sheets. Questions about sex, relationships, and love start at EasyToys, because we are more than the products we sell. With a team of specialists, we advise and inform our readers through our blog, EasyToys Magazine, with the aim of enriching the sex life of every reader. You can always completely anonymously contact our  sexologist with your most intimate questions. With EasyToys TV, we launch exciting new content every week in which we discuss everything in the field of sex and sex toys. We are also available and active on social media.


Beate Uhse Group

Beate Uhse has a long and rich history and is part of the EDC Group since 2019. 


Beate Uhse was the first erotic retailer to be established in the world and continues to be one of Europe’s leading erotic retailers for women, men, and couples. Beate Uhse, founded in 1946 by Beate Uhse-Rotermund, set out to educate women about sex and their sexual needs, and to give advice and guidance about how to avoid unwanted pregnancies in an era of limited knowledge.


Today we believe in female empowerment like never before and have enhanced this with a truly modern approach that caters to everyone, no matter their sexual needs or preferences. We hold dear the Beate Uhse values and mission statement “to deliver sexual education and ensure sexual freedom for women (and all sexes).” Today our websites sell to many European countries, utilizing 3 brand names: Beate Uhse, Adam et Ève, and Pabo.

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EDC marketplaces

By partnering with different marketplaces, we enable ourselves to reach a wider audience and create a large online database of valuable reviews. Consumers are increasingly looking through marketplaces to buy a product and start their search on Amazon or, for example. A marketplace has -thanks to the many reviews, product descriptions, and frequently asked questions- become an important part in the consideration phase of the customer journey. 



ONE-DC is our Business-to-Business department, with a sales team that serves customers all over the world with the pleasure products from our warehouse. Our B2B customers are distributors, online shops, brick-and-mortar shops, retailers, marketplaces, and dropshippers. 


The sales team travels the world to meet new customers at international trade shows and by joining and organizing virtual events. Our goal is to become the best one-stop shop and to offer the most comprehensive range of product to all our customers, regardless of their target audience or business model. We offer our customers a wholesale online shop, with the support of our in-house IT-department:

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Platform_EDC Wholesale
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