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Easytoys wants to break Dance4Life taboos with charityFree condoms for young people's sexual health

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

EasyToys starts a new collaboration with Dance4Life, an organization that is committed to a safe sex life for young people. The purpose of the sponsorship is to break taboos around sex and sexuality and to help young people have a safe and pleasant sex life. By making 20,000 condoms available free of charge and launching informative campaigns, the two parties want to put the sexual health of Dutch young people high on the agenda.

The corona year was a success for EasyToys: record sales of around 65 million were achieved and brand awareness grew rapidly. Due to counter-pressure from the KNVB, the shirt sponsorship deal with football club FC Emmen became a much-discussed topic in the media. "Fortunately, the KNVB finally approved the sponsorship, but at the same time it is shocking that in 2021 sexuality is still a controversial topic," said CEO Eric Idema. “Especially considering that our toys are now in two of the four Dutch households. We are therefore happy to take on the role of starting the much-needed conversation by being the platform, in addition to being a webshop, where you can find answers to questions about "sexual wellness", love and relationships. A sponsorship collaboration with a good cause that focuses on safe sex is perfectly in line with this.”

Free condoms

EasyToys will support Dance4Life next year with a sponsor contribution and by donating 20,000 condoms to promote safe sex among young adults. “We are very happy to be working with a partner like EasyToys who, like Dance4Life, has a mission to improve sexual health. We hope to normalize the topic of sex and break taboos together. With this we want to inspire young people to indicate their wishes and limits, to build healthy relationships and to enjoy safe sex when they are ready, ”says Merlyn Ooms, head of fundraising at Dance4Life.

The Rutgers 'Sex Under 25' study shows that the number of young people who talk to parents or friends about sexuality has declined in recent years. A majority of young people say that they receive little information about sexual transgression, sexual diversity, sexual pleasure and sex in the media.

“At EasyToys we stimulate such conversations by making fun and educational videos, blogs and by offering the option on our website to ask our sexologist any question anonymously. We are extremely proud to launch positive campaigns together with Dance4Life in the coming year that are aimed at a safe sex life for young people. And that is of course allowed with a little humor”, says Idema. “It should be clear that no sex toys are actively promoted to adolescents in the collaboration. But making the fun sides of sex a topic of discussion and encouraging young people to talk about it openly and honestly is still badly needed. ”

About Dance4Life

With its international teaching program and information campaigns in the Netherlands, Dance4Life wants to draw attention to the greatest health risk among young people: unsafe sex. In the Netherlands alone, one in three girls and one in five boys experiences sexually transgressive behavior before their 18th birthday. But this is just one example of impact on a global problem. The consequences of unsafe sex have a major impact on the lives of young people. The uniqueness of Dance4Life's work is to put young people at the center of her work and by using dance, music and influencers to take sexuality out of the taboo sphere.

About EDC Retail and EasyToys

EDC Retail is the European market leader in erotic products. The company, located in Veendam, carries the title EasyToys. With more than 100,000 visitors per day and a range of more than 14,000 erotic articles, is the largest webshop in the Netherlands and Belgium. In addition, EDC Retail has several other web shops and produces various own brands. As a wholesaler, it supplies other web shops, distributors and retail shops worldwide. EDC Retail was founded in 2007 by Eric Idema. The company then grew rapidly. In mid-2019, EDC Retail took over the German erotic group Beate Uhse, known from, among others. Since then, it has been the European market leader. EDC Retail has around 200 employees. In 2020 a turnover of about 65 million euros was realized.

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