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More than a workplace

EDC is not just an office, but a place were the 'EDC family' comes together seven days a week to work on our mission to take sexual wellness out of the shadows and into the light.

EDC Experience Center
History of EDC

EDC was founded in an attic in 2004 and has now grown into Europe’s largest retailer in the field of sexual wellness products. Read all about how we got there.

EDC Work environment

The home of EDC is a modern and inspiring work environment. The work environment is set up to engage with others and to boost production. Open offices, flexworking, a tremendous amount of plants, themed meeting rooms... discover it all!

Core values &
Brand personality

EDC's vision on the world and gives direction to our behavior and the way we communicate. There are six pillars that form the heart of this organization and underlie everything we do.

Team & departments

By working together we create magic. With our down-to-earth mentality, we are known to have an excellent work ethic. There is a great vibe when we work together as a team, which is becoming increasingly more diverse in knowledge and language.

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