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EasyToys is the main sponsor of Olympic qualification curling

Gliding on the ice and a world first in Leeuwarder Elfstedenhal
© WCF / Steve Seixeiro

The hog lines are the lines from where players have to throw the stones and traditionally, they are colored blue. The fact that these are now pink on the Olympic ice floor is a world first. The fact that the EasyToys logo can also be seen in the ice of the Elfstedenhal for two weeks raised a few eyebrows. "We are very happy with the collaboration with EasyToys, a major player from the region with a great love for sports," says Norberth Korsmit, promoter of OQE curling in Leeuwarden. they committed themselves to the event and the sport with full energy and dedication, which is what a sport like curling needs in the Netherlands.” The event can be followed in more than 25 countries in the coming weeks.

EasyToys blij dat ik glij-competition At EasyToys, curling enthusiasm has now been fueled. “It is fantastic that we can support an olympic event in the Netherlands in this way,” says Eric Idema, CEO of EasyToys. "Since our sponsorship of FC Emmen, we reach more and more people with our mission to bring sexuality to the attention in a fun and playful way. You can only break taboos by standing at the heart of society. With EasyToys as the main sponsor of the Olympic Qualifying Event in Leeuwarden it all comes together. I'm really excited about that. A proud beating sports heart."

During the rest day of the qualifying event, on Friday 10 December, EasyToys will organize its own competition. Under the heading 'EasyToys Blij dat ik glij', various teams compete against each other. On behalf of EasyToys, Rumag, FC Emmen, Dance4Life and Slam! well-known Dutch people will test their curling skills against each other.

Oldest team sport in the world

The OQE curling is held in three categories and there are a total of eight tickets to Beijing, two for the mixed doubles and three for both the women's and men's teams. The mixed doubles tournament will begin on Sunday, December 5, followed by the women's and men's teams, which will compete from December 11 to 18. The Netherlands participates in the tournament with the Dutch men's curling team. They have an exciting tournament ahead of them with matches against Denmark, Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy, Finland, Japan, Norway and South Korea.

Despite the fact that curling is one of the oldest team sports in the world and it was already practiced in the Netherlands in the sixteenth century, the sport is a lot less well-known here than the much-loved competition skating. Korsmit hopes with the Olympic Qualifying Event in the Netherlands that curling will gain even more popularity here. "That every ice rink in the Netherlands will have a curling club and of course that the Dutch gentlemen qualify for the games for the first time in history," said the sports marketer.


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