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EDC work environment

The home of EDC is a modern and inspiring work environment. Every day we come to the office to be inspired and to inspire others. The work environment is set up to engage with others and to boost production. You will find open offices with many windows and glass walls, a tremendous amount of plants, and themed meeting rooms for inspirational sessions.


When we need a break, we can challenge our colleagues at the ping-pong, pool, or football table. And when we need to focus on our work without distractions, we take a seat in one of the EDC train compartments and enjoy beautiful Dutch scenery.


The EDC warehouse is set up efficiently and practically, with the main focus on making it easy for all logistics staff to send orders quickly and correctly.

In-house film studio

Our video production team creates video content for all of our brands. The EDC in-house film studio is fully equipped and designed to reach our target audience with interesting content.


We offer an inspiring office with an extraordinary work environment to boost productivity and creativity.

Photo studio

Selling products online means that the customer wants to see the products from every angle. Our in-house photo studio is set up with equipment to visualize the products as if they are right in front of you.

Home office

We have invested in cloud services to enable working from home. We believe in the positive benefits that a peaceful work environment can have on you.

Flex working

‘Flex working’ allows our staff to find a place in the office where they feel comfortable to work. Whether they like to work in an office environment with colleagues or rather work alone, everything is possible.

Ready for the new digital future

Digitalization has rapidly become more and more important these days. Our in-house IT & Development team maintains all technical systems for our online shops and logistics systems. Almost every digital aspect of EDC is developed by our in-house Tech team, who are currently taking our platforms to the next level, preparing us for the new digital future.


We also continue to invest in our supply chain, including warehousing and logistics by adding 3,000 square meters to our 8,000m2 warehouse, creating space for thousands of pallets to supply us with sufficient stock levels. The home of EDC is now ready for future growth and is flexible to changing demands.

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