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Discover the order picking proces at EDC Retail

We continue to invest in our supply chain, including logistics where digitalization has rapidly become more and more important these days.

At EDC we use state of the art technology to ensure a fast and efficient order process. Our staff is equipped with PDA’s to scan all order and products, which are then placed in a medium or large sized box that goes into 1 of the 2 packing machines.

The two machines combined have a capacity of 20 packages per minute and are equipped with smart technology that prints and sticks the shipping label to the right box and has a selection function to collect the orders per carrier.

The machines are also sustainable as they make each box the exact height of the products inside, which saves 46% air in the packages and cuts back on filling materials drastically. This results in smaller packages, leaving more space in the trucks. 25% more loading volume to be precise.

We are now ready for the new digital future.


It’s our pleasure


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