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Year overview 2020

Lockdown and demand for sex tech will also push sales
Looking back on 2020, we can conclude that it was a special and challenging year, in which we experienced enormous growth as a company. Both financially and in our processes. The erotic sector as a whole has broken taboos in the past years and has been frequently present in the media. This has had its affect on both the sale of sex toys, and on the normalization of sexual wellness.
What happened in 2020 and what effect will that have on 2021? We'll show you the numbers.
Sales record

In the first quarter of 2021, we see a 95 percent increase in turnover compared to the same period last year. With thisEDC Retail is setting course to break its own turnover record for the second year in a row. The driving force of the corona crisis is therefore undeniable.


34 million


65 million

According to CEO Eric Idema, the growth of his company is easy to explain. “Sex and sexuality are becoming more and more open to discussion and the threshold to invest in this is getting lower.” The company posted a record turnover of 65 million euros last year, doubling compared to 2019.



because of the lock down

2021 seems to turn out even more rosy for the erotic giant. In the first quarter, immediately after the curfew on January 23, sales temporarily rose 170 percent compared to the same week a year earlier and that increase is still continuing.

In order to be able to cope with the increasing demand in the coming years, several million euros will be invested this year in automation and robotization of the packing process, so that more orders can be processed faster and more.

Breakthrough in sexual wellness

“Last year, people became more relaxed and sexual wellness has become an important theme for many,” explains CEO Eric Idema. Corona turned out not only to boost demand, but also to cause a shift in demand. “Hygiene products such as toy cleaners have been popular for years, but were no longer available at all,” says Idema.


New products such as cotton face masks and disinfectant hand gel and spray immediately ended up among the best-selling products, according to the CEO.

Sexual Wellness.jpg
new customers

Last year, 444,000 new customers found EDC Retail's products, an increase of 123 percent compared to the previous year.

purchases per customer

Customers spent an average of 10 percent more on erotic articles than the year before. 

sex tech
the 2020/2021 hype

The desire for sex tech seems to continue this year as well: in this first quarter, 50 percent of what was bought in total of these smart toys in 2020 was already sold.

Safe technology

“Due to the lockdown, toys with which you can enjoy each other remotely via an app also became increasingly popular,” continues Idema. “Together with IT security company ESET, we helped secure these toys this year so that everyone can continue to enjoy this technology safely.”


Last year, sales of such toys increased by 750 percent, partly due to the popularity of the vibrating eggs.

Looking for more excitement
Products that are now gaining in popularity compared to the first lockdown of last year are decorative masks, bondage and SM products.

“Products for men are also becoming increasingly popular,” says Idema. “Immediately after the current lockdown went into effect, we saw a striking increase in sales of masturbators, cock rings and butt plugs.” Other products that are now gaining in popularity compared to the first lockdown of last year are decorative masks, bondage and SM products. “Many people are apparently now looking for more excitement,” explains the CEO.


Less surprising was the popularity of vibrators. These vibrating toys were once again one of the most wanted product categories in 2020. 90,000 more of the famous Tarzan vibrators were sold last year, an increase of 125 percent.


Other desired categories included erotic gift sets and vaginatoys. Their sales increased by 155 and 67 percent respectively compared to the previous year.

European market

In addition to the online store EasyToys, which is well-known in the Netherlands, EDC Retail has also been carrying Beate Uhse, originally German, and Pabo, which are aimed at our southern neighbors, since 2019, titles that are also concerned with sexual wellness.


In 2020, erotic articles were sold to millions of customers in more than 70 countries via these three consumer webshops and the international B2B wholesaler.


After comparing the four largest markets – the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France – both similarities and differences can be seen in terms of erotic trends.

Toy culture

For example, last year the Tarzan vibrator was in the top 3 of best-selling items in all four European countries and the toy cleaners were also in demand everywhere.


Sex toys were often given as gifts in both the Netherlands and Belgium, erotic gift sets are among the fastest growing product groups here. But there are also differences.


In France, for example, the realistic dildo was very popular, while the Germans more often opted for the minimalist design of the We Touch vibrator.

Differences within The Netherlands
Frisians and Flevolanders choose sex toys most often.

Investments were not the same in every province last year. Relatively speaking, the most toys were bought in Friesland and Flevoland. The fewest sex toys were sold in North Brabant, while residents of Friesland and Flevoland relatively most often bought a toy.

Toy cleaners turned out to be a regular item in the shopping cart of the average Dutch person, with the exception of the inhabitants of four provinces. They preferred these products:


Limburg > massage oil
Braband > masturbators
Zeeland > lubricants
Overijssel > butt plugs


With this, the people of Overijssel immediately set themselves apart from the rest of the Netherlands: it is the only province where the famous Tarzan vibrator did not come back in the top 5, while the butt plug and handcuffs were popular here. No other province shared this strong preference.


Aphrodisiacs turned out to be especially desirable in Utrecht, Overijssel, Limburg and Flevoland.


Publicatie: Veendam, 01 juni 2021

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